Delighted you are curious!

I’m currently tackling my first book on household management and organization and having a BLAST doing it! This will be a simpler, fresher approach on the subject. No overthinking things, no complicated systems.

Yes, I am an expert on this subject for many reasons. No, I do not currently have an organizing business, I don’t hold a degree in household finance (if that is even a thing), and Martha Stewart is not my mom.

However, I have lived for 40 years, and after a lot of hard work, inside and out, I have gotten my act together. I’m not perfect; I only appear that way. Just kidding, or am I… If I can help someone out there to lessen the everyday stress they feel, get things done, pay their bills on time, and have enough left inside to nurture their families, then that will be pretty awesome to me.

Blending my own set-it-and-forget-it methods with a little financial smartness and some military-style common sense, I shall attempt to straighten the paths of those who follow me, so that they may  enjoy their days, not be broken by them. Yes, it is possible.